• Image of Khidr Collective Zine, Issue 1

Khidr Collective are a group of Muslim artists and organisers. Our aim is to facilitate more spaces & platforms for our diverse communities. The Khidr Zine is our first project. A bi-annual magazine for young Muslims, by young Muslims.

At a time of normalised hostility toward Muslim communities, we require more spaces to speak truth to power. We cannot and never have relied on the mainstream modes of media. The Khidr Zine is a means to amplify the voices who have been spoken over by those who theorise on our behalf. We hope each Khidr Zine serves as a way of documenting resistance but also the love, joy and beautiful histories of our faith and communities.

Inside our very first issue, there are 55 pages of personalised essays, fiction, illustrations, photography and even a comic. We've enjoyed making each & every bit and we are humbled by the overwhelming love and support young Muslims have shown us.

We hope you enjoy our first issue as much as we enjoyed making it. #KhidrZine

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